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Matthew Armbrust, better known as Priynce, is a multinational Rap, Hip Hop, & R&B artist from Rhode Island. Music has always been his passion & inspiration in life. At age nine, after seeing Kris Kross in Boston, Massachusetts, he was hooked. Embracing the Rap, Hip Hop & R&B sounds Priynce began cultivating his unique musical voice as well as his entertainment lifestyle brand. Motivated by the music that changed his life at a young age Priynce has tirelessly spend the last six months in the recording studio working on his debut project, Gone But Not Forgotten, which will be available for digital download March 31st, 2017.

Priynce is a world traveler, and easily connects with everyone he encounters. He’s traveled throughout Europe, the Middle East, & Asia. In 2010, Priynce and his business partner owned & operated a successful night club on the east coast, and gladly took the nickname of “The Youngest Club Owner”. The club was a huge success and he frequently had the opportunity to rub elbows with many of A-List celebrities & entertainers he grew up admiring. As he charmed his way into the Hollywood circles, Priynce became intent on projecting his full focus on a career in entertainment. That same year, Priynce started Hard Body Inc, an international entertainment company that produces music and video content, mostly provided by Priynce & his film crew, documenting his extensive travels abroad & the connections he makes everywhere he goes. Coordinating this with his musical debut, Priynce will unveil his entire lifestyle brand that encapsulates his unique passion for Music, Food, & Culture.

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